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Opticianguru Marketing Solution (OMS) is here to render 360 degree support to your optical business in terms of Website Development, Social Media Management, Online Marketing, Graphic Designing & Much More.
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360' Support Function for Optical Trade

About OMS

A complete solution for your marketing need is here, Opticianguru Marketing Solution (OMS) is not just another marketing agency. We understand your need in much better way than regular marketing company. We carry an expertise in optical retail understanding and customer expectations very well.

Working with Opticianguru will ensure your store/ Company will get its desired brand presence and visibility. Every marketing activity needs to contribute towards brand building activity hence we have packed our solutions in certain packages to help you better and reach a common goal.

We at Opticianguru Marketing Solution consider marketing is not designing it is more of brand building hence connect your physical presence with online presence so that brand recall happens everytime.

Why Digital ?

Print marketing is vanishing day by day along with that current consumers are more digital centric and spent avg 3 – 4 hours on social media channels. Taking advantage of above fact if brand hammering is done results will be in terms of more walk-ins and business inquiries.

The best of advertising your business is mouth to mouth publicity but in current scenario a consumer comes across so many brands and store he is likely to forget name of optician where he has got is glasses from which is resulting in loss of reference sell. Most opticians have 90% of store marketing space occupied by product brands.

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Website Development

Online Marketing

Sociam Media Management

Graphic Design

Store Branding

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  • Graphic Designing
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