To work on single belief is what Opticianguru, believes in. It says, in optical field every job needs different skill set, along with other required dimensions and generally we settle or rather compromise, with best available during that time, this would definitely affect your business in long run.

At opticianguru, we scan each received resume of optometrist, sales executive or other managerial positions from Indian optical industry. Accordingly, they are been rated on the basis of skill and experience and every individual skill is put into an accurate basket, to be used later on.

With our ties with best of job listing in India, you can relax and trust us with maximum advertisement campaign, to get best of the candidates from industry.
The same will be boosted on social media to extend our reach till best of the candidates.


Like most recruitment companies, we work on a results-only basis: we only charge a fee for a successful appointment. We work on flexible pricing terms, we do not charge anything from candidates and can guarantee you we do offer best of the industry rates. After understanding the requirement we tailor made a complete process for you along with quotation. We also offer free replacement guarantee for three months after candidate joins the firm, Kindly fill in below form and we will get back to you shortly.